Acne and sun damage

Even your skin tone and treat acne.

Sun damage and acne are the most significant skin conditions that cause distress in our clients, affecting their confidence and self-esteem.

Hyperpigmentation marks are dark coloured patches of skin commonly found on the face, hands, décolletage and neck, and can have an ageing effect. Also known as Age Spots and sun-spots, this condition is caused by UVA rays that penetrate thereby stimulating abnormal melanin production. Pigmentation often occurs 10-20 years after the initial damage, meaning that sun-spots may only be appearing now from damage caused when you were much younger.

Excessive facial redness and flushing can characterise rosacea, a condition often difficult to diagnose. Acne is graded and defined by it’s characteristics and severity. We can generally treat and manage mild to moderate acne effectively but the more severe forms often require referral to a dermatologist for specialist management. Old acne scarring is a common complaint of which we can manage and improve, effectively gaining good results, with our range of treatments.

At Synergy we treat skin conditions with the following treatments:

•    Prescription Skincare

•    Medical grade facial peels

•    Dermaplaning

•    Fractional resurfacing using  Radiofrequency

•    Chemical resurfacing

•    Intense Pulsed Light therapy

•    Microneedling