Autologous Fat Transfer

Improve lost volume with what is considered by many as the ‘ideal filler’..

Autologous Fat Transfer harvests a little of your own fat (usually from your tummy) to add volume and create lifting in your face. With natural looking, long lasting results, fat transfer can be used to enhance, augment, or rejuvenate the face and results can last up to seven years.

This innovative anti-ageing procedure has been around  for a long time and is often an add-on during the course of facelift surgery. Some fatty tissue  is aspirated from one area of the body under local anaesthetic. It is then purified and refined and then injected  into the area you wish to improve, in the same fashion as dermal filler injections. The treatment requires no incisions. There is minimal downtime, although perhaps a little more bruising and swelling than dermal filler injections, is to be expected.

Fat transfer into the face is a highly effective alternative to dermal fillers. It can restore the loss of volume in the cheeks, nasolabial folds, marionette lines and other deep folds and wrinkles. It’s especially effective for clients with a substantial loss of volume in the face, often following dramatic weight loss, where the alternative would be a large amount of dermal filler. It’s also good as an add-on with the FaceTite treatment to create volume along with the lifting.

The success of the treatment depends on the injected fat cells finding their own blood supply once injected. From experience, it is expected  that at least 30% of these will not take, meaning that 30% of the initial volumisation will be lost at four months down the line. Smoking is well known to reduce the success and longevity of the treatment.

Another benefit is that fat transfer has been observed to improve the quality of the overlying skin. It is thought that this is due the hormonal effects of oestrogen in the fat.

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