Dermal Fillers

Our environment and the natural ageing process can take its toll on our skin.

Although we can look after our skin by using sun protection, drinking plenty of water, eating a healthy diet and avoiding smoking, there are some factors that cannot be avoided. As we age we lose fullness in our cheeks, temples, forehead, and eye socket and skin cells produce less Hyaluronic Acid, causing the skin on our face, neck, décolletage and hands to be dry, dull and wrinkled. A youthful face has an even distribution of fat under the skin, which gives it a well-rounded shape with smooth curves and contours.

As we age, the facial fat that keeps our skin looking full and smooth starts to shift to the lower portion of our face. This causes the bones of the forehead and cheeks to become more visible, the folds on the sides of the nose to become more accentuated, and the shape of the jaw to become broader and lower, giving an unbalanced, aged appearance. The eyes are particularly prone to showing signs of age with drooping eyebrows, dark circles lines or bags appearing.  Weight loss can also cause a loss of volume, changing the contour of our face.

Dermal filler injections work by plumping the skin, smoothing wrinkles and filling deep lines and wrinkles. By replenishing lost skin volume, we can help you to regain a youthful curve to the face to enhance to the overall shape.

Injections can be applied to the cheeks, the deep lines beside the nose, on the lips, forehead and chin. By adding volume strategically to the mid-face area, and enhancing the curve of the cheekbones, we can lift the cheeks, lips and lower face.

Different types of fillers are used to treat various facial areas, and at Synergy we offer a selection of dermal filler products to suit your needs. If you are worried about looking artificial, don’t worry – you will have a naturally refreshed appearance, because we will ensure that the right amount of filler will be injected into the right place.

The results look natural and are clinically proven to last up to 18 months, depending on the product. Best of all, you can see visible results instantly after your treatment so that you can enjoy your revitalised look straight away.

The first step is for our doctor or aesthetic nurse practitioner discuss your treatment goals and analyse your skin to determine the appropriate treatment areas and products. We use the following medically proven brands:


    Juvederm Voluma




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