Lips – Dermal Fillers

Gorgeously defined, full, sensuous lips for a youthful appearance.

Thinning lips is a common concern as we age. This is because our facial bone structure changes and the bone supporting the lips (the maxillae) become reabsorbed into the body. Without the support of this bone, the upper lip can become thinner and flatter.

Also, over time our skin cells lose Hyaluronic Acid (HA), which can affect the elasticity of our skin. As we continually use our mouth to smile, eat, talk and laugh the repetition starts to show with marionette lines appearing around the lips.

Many of our clients have tried plumping lipsticks and over the counter treatments, but these can only provide a temporary plumping effect that lasts just a few hours.

Your Treatment

Lip fillers can help to restore the volume, creating a fuller and more youthful look to the mouth.

Although you may have seen images of unnatural looking enhanced lips that appear swollen or frozen, if administered correctly, lip fillers can look completely natural, and no one should be able to see that you have had the treatment done.  Juvederm facial fillers, when applied around the lip area, provides full, symmetrical natural looking lips with an improvement to lines and wrinkles surrounding the lip area.

This treatment is one of the most technically challenging areas of the face to get right, which is why you need a qualified specialist who can inject just the right amount of product into the precise tissue plane to create the perfect result. It takes many years of experience to get this balance right, which is why we only used highly qualified lip technicians who specialise in this area.

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