Milia Removal

Remove Milia for good.

Milia are small white bumps known as milk spots, and although they are common among babies, they can occur in adults and become permanent. They commonly appear on the face around the eyes, cheeks, nose and chin.

The cause of Milia is unknown, and they are often mistaken for whiteheads with people attempting to squeeze them, which can cause damage to the skin. Milia are in fact tiny cysts made up of an excess build-up of keratin that sits just below the epidermis, and because they lie below the very outer layer of skin, their distinctive white colouring makes them very visible.

Your Treatment

We strongly recommend that your Milia are removed by a professional and advise against trying to remove them yourself at home. As well as causing damage to your skin, if it is not completely removed the Milia could reappear. One of our expert aestheticians can extract your Milia by using a sterile lancing tool to pierce the bump and carefully extract the contents without causing any trauma to the skin. The treatment is painless, with many of our clients comparing the procedure to a small scratch. We can also advise you on a skincare routine to help prevent Milia from reappearing.