Your Consultation

Many people believe that a significant improvement in your appearance is only possible through invasive treatments, but you will be amazed at what can be accomplished with a focused programme of non-invasive procedures and medically prescribed skincare.

At Synergy we believe that great skin is an investment, not a purchase and that having a strategy and seeing it through is essential. We have created a five-star environment for our clients, providing a welcoming clinic in which you will feel comfortable and confident in confiding in our clinicians as to the conditions or concerns you wish to address.

We only use products that are medically proven, and we are trained to the highest standards. During your consultation we will discuss your concerns and put together a treatment plan according to the time you have available, the level of downtime you are comfortable with, and of course your budget.

During your consultation, we will ensure that you get as much time as you need to ask questions.